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why Say is different

save time
save time
Your schedule is tight - we understand. Car Insurance shouldn't be something you need time to decipher. We keep it simple so you can save time.
online convenience
online convenience
With our online options, you can easily access your account, update policy details and file a claim - all with just a few clicks, anytime you need.
say service squad
say service squad
We care about our customers. Our hard-working team of insurance experts is just a click, text, email or call away.
we're green
we're green
At Say, we make a point of trying to be as green as possible, and even give a discount to customers who opt to go paperless.
insurance score
An insurance score is a way of predicting how likely you are to have an accident or claim. It's not the same as your credit score and doesn't factor in things like the car you drive, the number of moving violations you've had or your income.

factors impacting your insurance rate

Total number of accidents for all drivers on the policy in the last year.
The number of drivers your household is insuring. Driver-to-vehicle ratio affects your rate, numerous drivers driving one car is more likely to be in an accident.
Drivers younger than 25 or older than 65 are considered more risky than those in between.
The total number of violations for all drivers on the policy in the last three years.
The number of vehicles your household is insuring with us. This is part of your driver-to-vehicle ratio and affects your rate. If two or more people share a car, more miles will be driven, which increases the chance of accidents and moving violations.
For certain age ranges, men consistently demonstrate higher claims costs than women. For most adult men and women who are otherwise similar, there is no difference and the rates turn out pretty much the same.
marital status
Married couples are shown to have fewer accidents than single drivers.

quote process

We like to keep these sort of things quick and easy.

to quote, you'll need:
  • 5-10 minutes of time
  • Basic driver and vehicle info
to purchase, you'll need:
  • The driver's license number for each driver
  • The VIN of each vehicle
  • The finance company info for each vehicle with a loan or lease

customers say...

"I love that Say is an online company. Being able to check my auto insurance whenever and wherever gives me such peace of mind."
- Michael G.
"We got a great deal from Say on our car insurance. The Say squad is helpful, prompt and courteous. I’ve been recommending Say to just about everyone I know."
- Chris A.
"Say made getting car insurance easy and the Say squad was great to work with. They were prompt in answering all my questions and they really knew their stuff."
- Abby S.