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2016 12 29 Quotepricechange Tease

why a quote price may change after you click "purchase"

Posted December 29, 2016 in say insights

Everything looked good on your insurance quote. You clicked purchase, and the price changed. Why? We'll explain.

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2017 04 20 10Distracteddrivingtips

10 ways to keep distracted driving in check

Posted April 20, 2017 in street smarts

Distracted driving is a serious issue worth discussing. So from driver to driver, let's talk 10 tips to keep distracted driving in check.

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2017 04 11 Survivingtraffic

7 tips for surviving traffic

Posted April 11, 2017 in life hacks

There comes a time when a person has to accept and embrace traffic. So for the sake of sanity, safety and entertainment, we've got some tips.

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2017 04 04 Towingaffectspremium

does getting your car towed affect your insurance premium?

Posted April 6, 2017 in insurance know-how

Your car just got towed and you're wondering how big of an impact, if any, it will have on your insurance premium. We've got the answers.

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2017 03 24 Sayinsights Myfirstcar2

my first car stories: part two

Posted March 27, 2017 in say insights

Part two of our "my first car" stories throwback! From fixer-uppers to defining "cool," we've got a few more stories to share.

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2017 03 20 Sayinsights Myfirstcar

my first car stories: part one

Posted March 21, 2017 in say insights

We all remember being handed the keys to our first car. We're getting nostalgic and sharing some of our Say employees' "my first car" stories.

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