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2016 12 29 Quotepricechange Tease

why a quote price may change after you click "purchase"

Posted December 29, 2016 in say insights

Everything looked good on your insurance quote. You clicked purchase, and the price changed. Why? We'll explain.

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2017 07 17 Lifehacks Dashboardsymbols

dashboard symbols: what they mean and what to do

Posted July 17, 2017 in street smarts

Check out our cheat sheet on some of the most common dashboard symbols. We'll tell you what they mean and what to do.

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2017 07 12 5Summercarmaintenancetips

5 summer car maintenance tips

Posted July 13, 2017 in life hacks

Avoid the top vehicle issues caused by summer's heat by following these five summer car maintenance tips.

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2017 06 19 Lifehacks Roadtrip Summeressentials

road t(r)ips: summer road trip essentials

Posted June 20, 2017 in life hacks

It's summer, which means prime time road trip season! From preparedness and protection to snacks and practicals, we've got your trip essentials!

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2017 06 13 Marriageeffectsonrate

how marriage affects your auto insurance premium

Posted June 15, 2017 in insurance know-how

After the "I do"s, married couples have a lot of changes to navigate, including auto insurance rates. We've got your breakdown here!

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2017 06 08 Sayinsights Identitytheft

insurance score stories: how one Say quote exposed identity theft

Posted June 9, 2017 in say insights

When one driver went to quote with Say, he got more than just a rate and his insurance score.

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