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Say Insurance® Provides Assistance to Personal Auto Insurance Customers

Posted April 8, 2020 in Say Insights

During this difficult time we are here to provide relief to our policyholders.

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ID Cards Blog Tease

Why Do We Use Digital Insurance Cards?

Posted May 29, 2020 in Say Insights

Wonder why we use digital ID cards instead of paper?

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Car Replacement Blog Tease

New Car Replacement: Actual Cash Value vs Replacement Cost

Posted May 28, 2020 in Insurance Know-How

We’re here to help you understand new car replacement coverage.

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Fun Thingsto See Blog Tease

Fun Things to Stop and See on a Road Trip

Posted May 21, 2020 in Fun Stuff

Add a pit stop to your next road trip!

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One Time Password Blog Tease

Why We Use One-Time Passwords at Say

Posted May 20, 2020 in Say Insights

Ever wonder why we ditched the traditional password? Let us tell you!

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Shelter Foundation Blog Tease

Shelter Insurance® Foundation Donates to Help with COVID-19 Crisis

Posted May 14, 2020 in Say Insights

Shelter Insurance® Foundation donates to help with crisis relief. Read more!

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