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2018 12 19 Blog Car Next To House Bundling Concept Teaser

getting to the bottom line of bundling insurance´╗┐

Posted January 23, 2019 in insurance know-how

Not sure if bundling is better? We've dug into the pros and cons of bundling so you can make an informed decision.

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2018 12 28 Infographic Coverages

a snapshot of Say's coverages

Posted December 28, 2018 in insurance know-how

Want to learn more about car insurance? Check out this snapshot of our car insurance coverages.

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2018 10 31 Blog Cars Parked In Row With Blue Skies Behind Teaser

how insurance rates are affected by car model

Posted December 27, 2018 in insurance know-how

DYK: Your car model impacts your insurance rate. And we're here to explain why.

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2018 10 31 Blog Woman Driving In Car With Sunshine Teaser

how driving records impact car insurance rates

Posted December 14, 2018 in insurance know-how

Heads up! Your driving record has an impact on your car insurance rate. The more you know about it, the better you can understand your rate.

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2018 11 07 Blog Red Car With Scratch On Fender Teaser

how fender bender accidents affect auto insurance

Posted December 10, 2018 in insurance know-how

There's no doubt that fender benders are a real bummer. Read up on how these accidents can impact your auto insurance rate.

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