My First Car Stories: Part One

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By Madeline Klein on March 21, 2017.

We all remember our first car—a major step toward freedom, adventure and adulthood. Since we love hearing "my first car" stories, we thought we could share some from our Say employees. Check out part one!

The "Mud on the Tires" literal interpretation

Vehicle: 1999 Ford F-150

My first truck was a beautiful, 1999 two-tone blue and gray extended cab F-150 with 4WD. Brad Paisley had just released the song "Mud on the Tires," and my friends and I took it as a personal challenge to get mud on the tires every weekend. We would cruise her down gravel backroads at night, take her through muddy fields hunting or use her to pull my grandfather's boat on fishing trips. I was sad to see her go because she was part of so many good memories. – Ryan W.

The next best thing to Smokey and the Bandit and the Burt Reynolds 'stache

Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird

My first car was an old beat-up Pontiac Firebird, white with orange racing stripes—exactly the kind of car you should not let your teenage son drive. Fortunately, I grew up in a very rural part of Kentucky where there were very few other cars with which to collide.

The equation for the meaning of life was simple for me and my teenage friends. If (a.) you had a car like the black Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit (this old Firebird was as close as I was going to get) and (b.) you could grow a big thick mustache like Burt Reynolds (I couldn't), then (c.) the girls would be all over you (they weren't). By the time I met my future wife ten years later, my tastes had changed to a Honda Prelude, and I still couldn't grow a decent mustache! – Dan C.

The breakaway from a hand-me-down tradition

Vehicle: 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

My first car was a red, two-door 1997 Pontiac Grand Am. I was extremely excited about this car because I got to help my parents pick it out. I have two older sisters, so when the oldest turned 16, my parents bought an old (and in my opinion, ugly) Chevy Cavalier for her to drive. When the next sister turned 16, the Cavalier was passed down to her. I was in line to get the same car, BUT two weeks before I turned 16, my sister totaled it (she wasn't hurt). Which meant I got a new(er) car!

After high school, I bought it from my parents and drove it all through college. I loved the car but it definitely had its problems. The main one being the brakes didn't handle well in the rain and therefore, my best friend named her "Boosie"—as if her drinking habits were impairing her reaction times. I sold Boosie after college and loved the car I replaced her with, but the moment the new owner drove off in my Grand Am was very bittersweet. We had been through a lot together! – Rebecca K.

The collector's item and campus magnet

Vehicle: 1980 International Harvester Scout II

My first car was a 1980 International Harvester Scout 2 4x4. My dad was a dealer for Case International farm equipment and sold this particular vehicle to our local mailman, who lovingly garaged it for about 15 years. When it made its way back to us, it was in great shape and I was the only one at my high school that had one in the turquoise blue with an orange pin stripe (fantastic black plaid seats).

I drove it all through college, and was able to successfully move the entire contents of my dorm room (and paying friends) to and from home without much fuss. Much to my friends' amusement, I seemed to get a few phone numbers and positive attention from the opposite sex while we were out on campus. Since the model year I owned was the last year of manufacture, I also got a lot of attention from prospective Scout collectors. A few years after college, I was able to walk away from it with nice profit.

Although it was not the vehicle of my teenage dreams, it was still one of the most fun vehicles I owned and probably the reason I prefer to drive SUVs today. – Jennifer C.

The takeover truck that beat a Mustang

Vehicle: 1997 Chevy S-10

My first car was a '97 Chevy S-10, and I was one very happy 16 year old when I was handed the keys for it. However, it came with a disclaimer that I would either have to take over the payments or trade it in for something cheaper. Reason for this disclaimer: It was my brother's truck and he decided that he wanted his money to go towards other things instead, and he already had a motorcycle. Good news, I was able to find a decent paying job so I could keep the truck.

Fun memories:

  • Joy rides with Shaq, my golden retriever, who would wait at the end of the drive until I got home from school or work. He'd jump in the back and we would drive down the backroads, enjoying the sunny weather while he slobbered down the side of my truck.
  • Race Winner - What teenager doesn't try to do some sort of racing or see how fast their car can go? Proud moment was when my 4-Cylinder Chevy S-10 beat a Mustang GT in the quarter mile. Granted, my friend was still getting accustomed to that car, but I still count it as a win.

– Carmon W.

The second choice, "safer" option

Vehicle: 1997 Chrysler Concord

My first car was a 1997 Chrysler Concord. It was dark green, big, and had leather interior. It wasn't my first choice though. I had my eye set on a beautiful, bright purple truck, but it was a stick shift. So my dad said "let's see how you do with it," and I stalled pulling onto the highway. So we went with the "safer" option. I had my first and only wreck in that car, but because it was the safe option I was ok. It was totaled from that wreck so I purchased a brand new, electric blue PT Cruiser which I had for ten years and almost cried when I traded it in. – Whitney L.

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