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2019 01 08 Car Parked In Lot Near Beach On Vacation

4 tips for keeping your car safe on vacation

Posted January 11, 2019 in life hacks

On vacation? Don't spend a minute worrying about your car by following these safety tips.

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2019 01 02 Blog Car Key On Hood Of New Car Teaser

car shopping hacks: best times to buy a car

Posted January 8, 2019 in life hacks

Shopping for a new car? Make sure you're hitting the dealership on the best day and month.

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2018 12 18 Blogs Cars On Highway With Sunset

5 tips for reducing on-the-road risks

Posted January 4, 2019 in street smarts

You can't be too careful when you're behind the wheel. We've gathered some common risks to avoid while you're on the road.

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2018 12 21 Blog Cars Driving On Rainy Road Teaser

6 tips for mastering a rainy road

Posted January 3, 2019 in life hacks

Driving in the rain can be quite the challenge. Check out some tips and tricks for the next time your caught in the rain.

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2018 12 28 Infographic Coverages

a snapshot of Say's coverages

Posted December 28, 2018 in insurance know-how

Want to learn more about car insurance? Check out this snapshot of our car insurance coverages.

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