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With the holidays just days away now, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our very own employees' favorite holiday traditions!

Trimming the Tree

My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. We have special ornaments that were given to us or we made that we put up every year, and I love going through them! – Whitney L.

Family Festivities

We invite my parents over for Christmas Eve to stay the night with us so they can watch the kids open presents from Santa. They are empty nesters now and miss watching us open presents when we were little. The kids love it too. – Georgie F.

My favorite holiday tradition is being with my family. Every Christmas day starts with my immediate family opening presents (mom, dad, and brother). The rest of my family joins us for the rest of the day. We have breakfast and a late dinner together. We just spend the whole day watching movies and different sporting events. At the end of the night we all play card games and sleep off all the Christmas food we ate. Spending time with my loved ones is all I want for Christmas. – Jason B.

We enjoy snuggling up to the fireplace, eating junk food (party pizzas!) and spending time with friends and family. – Matt B.

My Christmas tradition would be matching Santa jammies for my boys, and my husband playing with all the new toys while I wrap. :) – Taylor S.

On Christmas Eve, my parents, brother and I spend a majority of the day visiting extended family. After that, we come back to my parents' house and attend the midnight church service. Finally, we open one present before going to bed. – Derek M.

Looking at the Lights

One of my favorite traditions is driving around with my wife and kids and looking at holiday lights. The kids get very excited and thrilled, and it helps enhance the joy of the season! And so far they haven't asked me to duplicate any of the wonderful displays we've seen :) – Marc D.

When I was young, we lived in Arizona and my parents would take us kiddos to a fancy neighborhood that put on a huge light display. There would always be people selling hot cocoa so they'd buy us each one, and we'd go on a horse-drawn hayride to see all of the lights. I'd love to adapt that tradition to where I live now and continue it for years to come. – Amanda B.

Some Good Ol' Games

Reindeer Bingo, which is essentially Bingo with a winners "grab bag" of mysterious prizes for different ages, collected from various department store clearance aisles. Some of which are downright unusual (Angry Mama microwave cleaner, potato peeling mitts, Chia Pets, electric fly swatter) and some that are very practical and handy (pocket hand warmers, breath mints, miniature screwdriver set, Turbo scrubber, Snuggies). Some are pretty funny. Others are re-gifted or exchanged for other presents. It usually takes us all weekend to get through the stash. We also hide a glass Christmas pickle ornament in the tree for the most astute child to find. – Jennifer C.

Christmas Classics

I started watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my children when they were very young. Today, my son is 25 and my daughter is 20, and we have not missed a year without sitting down together to watch this classic. – Shari G.

Every Christmas Eve for the past seven years, we have been going to Olive Garden because my mom hates cooking (lol)! Also, we watch A Christmas Story all Christmas Eve/Christmas Day because it's on for 24 hours on TBS. – Jill B.

Santa Surprise With a Little Bit of Everything

Christmas Eve: We'd bake a couple Shakepeare's pizzas. After the pizza was gone, we'd go for a ride to look at all the Christmas lights in the area. As we were loading up in the car dad always made an excuse to run back in the house for something, a.k.a. Santa time—put out the gifts, chow down the cookies and carrots (for the reindeer) and chug the milk. By the time we got back from our drive we would come home to find that Santa had visited, and the tearing of the paper would start.

Continued: Joys of getting older is hearing all of the crazy stories that my dad and mom went through to make Christmas Eve extremely special for us kids. We still continue this tradition with our son by visiting my parents' house on Christmas Eve. – Carmon W.

We showed you ours, now it's your turn to tell us yours! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your favorite holiday traditions are!

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