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It's time for car insurance to be simple, transparent, and personal.

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Before you call shenanigans, let us say that your skepticism is totally justified. We know other car insurance companies often say one thing and do another, and usually, it's the absolute worse timing when you find out—after an accident. A time when you expect to be protected as promised, but instead you get scripted technicalities.

You’re done with empty promises. You just want to know what you're getting and get what you pay for. We understand 100 percent. That’s why we’re changing it. At Say, we’re not here to confuse you or give you the runaround. We’re here to make a difference in your life for the better because, for us, it’s not just business, it’s personal.

Here’s how.

We’re Simple

No more angry emojis or banging your head against the keyboard over VIN numbers and forgotten passwords. This is a frustration-free zone, and that means cutting all of those unnecessary steps and stressors. You don’t need to remember any passwords here. We use a secure, two-factor authorization to make the sign up process a breeze. We also don’t make you put in your VIN number just to get a quote.

We’re Transparent

Why is car insurance such a blur? You chose one policy so you’d be covered for x, y, and z, only now your car insurance company is acting like they’ve never heard of the alphabet. Forget that. We want you to be informed and confident, not confused and frustrated. How do we do that? We give you information and resources, from decoding tricky car insurance jargon to helping you understand and improve your insurance score.

We’re Personal

Car insurance is personal. You need a plan that fits you and your life. Our job is to find that perfect plan for you. We give you all the information and context you need to choose the right policy, so whatever you need down the road, you got it.

Posted September 30, 2016 in say insights.

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