Advance Purchase Discount

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Save up to

on your policy with the Advance Purchase Discount.

Discount offered in:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee

The Advance Purchase Discount

You can get the Advance Purchase Discount by giving us a heads up before you need your car insurance to start. This means you are shopping early for your insurance, and have some leeway before your current policy expires or ends. The early bird gets the worm, right?

How Much Notice is Needed?

To be eligible for this discount, we only ask for seven days notice (or more, for our big planners out there!). Most people will know more than seven days in advance if you need car insurance or are switching providers, so this is a pretty easy discount that can have a big effect on your rate. We like to reward those more responsible drivers who are planning ahead, and this early payment discount does just that.

Your Savings with the Advance Purchase Discount

The first year you’ll save up to 10% with the Advance Purchase Discount. But like a couple other discounts, this one will change over the life of your policy.

Each year it will go down slightly, and by your fifth year with Say, the discount will be gone. Don’t worry though, because every six-month renewal with us you’ll be getting 50 Say Score points added to your Say insurance score. Those points should be helping to boost your insurance score and lower your rate. You probably won’t even notice as this discount slowly fades.

How to Get Say’s Advance Purchase Discount

This is an easy one! When you're going through the quote process you'll put in the date you need your coverage to start. As long as you select at least seven days from the day you quote, you'll have the discount rolled into your rate. We’ve put a discount reminder in the quote process so you won’t miss out on this easy savings.

What Proof is Needed for the Discount?

You won’t need to show any proof or documents to get this discount.