Anti-Theft Discount

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Save up to

on your Comprehensive Coverage with the Anti-Theft Discount.

Discount offered in:

  • Illinois

The Anti-Theft Discount

The Anti-Theft Discount rewards drivers who have taken the extra step to secure their car. If your car has an anti-theft device, we’ll give you a break on the cost of your Comprehensive Coverage.

What is an Anti-Theft Device?

An anti-theft device is designed to prevent theft of the vehicle or any of its pieces. It can either be original equipment from the manufacturer or after-market equipment. The most important thing to us is that the device helps keep your car and belongings safe. It doesn’t matter if it is an active or passive system, as long as it does its job well.

So you know, an active system, known as a manually disabling device, is one that the driver must manually arm. This is typically done by pushing some kind of lock button or another button on your keys. A passive system, known as an automatic disabling device, is one that is automatically armed by the car. The driver doesn’t have to do anything to turn it on.

Types of Anti-Theft Devices

There are quite a few devices that would qualify you for the Anti-Theft Discount on Say’s car insurance. They are anti-theft devices like:

  • Car alarms,
  • GPS trackers,
  • Disabling device (this prevents the car from being driven without the key), etc.

Your Savings with an Anti-Theft Device

The Anti-Theft Discount will save you up to 15% on your Comprehensive Coverage cost. While this is an optional coverage, many lenders require it if you're leasing your car or have a loan. Because of that, most tend to have Comprehensive Coverage on their policy and can save with the Anti-Theft Discount if their car has the right device.

How to Get Say's Anti-Theft Discount

As you're going through the quote process, there will be a question about anti-theft devices. Simply let us know there if you have an anti-theft device. We'll factor that into your rate and you will start saving immediately!