Continuous Insurance Discount

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Save up to

on your policy with Continuous Insurance Discount.

Discount offered in:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee

The Continuous Insurance Discount

If you’ve had continuous auto insurance coverage up until the moment you sign up with Say, you can get our Continuous Insurance Discount and save some cash.

Understanding Continuous Auto Insurance

We all know you never want to be without car insurance. Who wants the risk of being uninsured if you get into an accident? Having continuous auto insurance means you’ve had insurance up until you became a Say customer.

Here at Say, we appreciate it when there are no gaps in your coverage history. It lets us know you're a responsible driver and care about having your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. That’s why we reward those drivers by providing the Continuous Insurance Discount.

Here's What You'll Save with the Discount

The amount you’ll save varies by each policy and is based on your coverages, so we simply roll the discount into your rate. Your savings are determined by your household and by the information we gather during the quote process.

For most, you’ll get a discount of up to 10% for the first year. This savings lowers a bit each year, and will decrease by up to 2% each year for the next four years. When you’ve hit five years, the discount will end.

Don’t worry about this discount only lasting four years. By the time the discount fades, you’ll have received 50 loyalty points every time you renew your policy with us, which happens every six months. These points are added to your Say Score. When your insurance score hits new thresholds, your rate typically lowers. With these renewal points, you may not even notice this discount’s small change each year.

Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage

Having a lapse in your coverage means that right before you came to Say, you didn’t have auto insurance. We're only looking at the time immediately before you sign on with us. Even if you may have had a short lapse in coverage a few years ago but have had insurance until the moment you switch to us, you’ll still be able to get a discount for having continuous coverage. We understand things happen, so we only focus on your most recent carrier.

How to Show Proof of Continuous Insurance

Here at Say, there’s no need to show proof. When you give us your information during the quote process we run it through a third-party database called LexisNexis to pull a consumer report.

How to Get Say's Continuous Insurance Discount

During the quote process we will ask for some information like email address and phone number, but we'll also get into some specifics about your car and your history. From there, we'll use that information to pull a consumer report and verify your coverage. Simply completing the quote process is really all you need to do.

Exceptions to Current Insurance

There are a few exceptions for those who don’t have current insurance. You are still able to get the Advance Purchase Discount if you don't have insurance at the time of the transfer to Say for good reason. Some reasons could be:

  • You’re in the military and just now needing car insurance
  • You haven’t needed a car for the past few years and are just now getting one
  • You haven’t been able to operate your car for a health-related reason

Keeping these exceptions in mind, once we determine you’re eligible for the Continuous Insurance Discount, you’ll automatically get the discounted rate. That means you basically don’t have to do anything to save some money!