Defensive Driving Course Discount

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Save up to

on your Liability, Medical Payments, and Collision Coverages with this discount.

Discount offered in:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Tennessee

The Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving Discount is available for people who complete a Defensive Driving Course. You may also know it as the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course.

How Much You'll Save With the Defensive Driving Course

Say wants as many safe drivers out on the road as possible, so we provide this incentive to those who take an extra step to drive more safely. After completing the course and providing proof, we'll lower your Liability, Medical Payments, and Collision Coverage payments by up to 10% each.

Look at an example with us. Let's say your rate is $50 a month after any other discounts are applied. Your Liability Coverage makes up $10 of that monthly rate. If you completed the Defensive Driving Course, you would get a 10% Defensive Driving Discount off that $10 of coverage. That means you’d be saving $1 a month on Liability Coverage. Your $50 rate would go down to $49.

And since you get up to 10% off Liability, Medical Payments, and Collision each, you’ll save even more money if you have each of those as part of your policy. Back to the $50 per month rate example. Let’s say Liability, Medical Payments, and Collision each cost $10 per month. With a 10% savings on each, your $50 rate is now down to $47, just for taking that course.

What is the Defensive Driving Course?

The Defensive Driving Course is a driver safety course meant to refresh your driving knowledge. It covers techniques for safe and lawful driving. This refresher course is a great way for people to review the rules of the road and potentially learn something they didn’t know before. You can take the course in an approved classroom, or online, depending on what works best for you.

Guidelines for the Course

There are a few rules to follow to ensure you get the Defensive Driving discount with Say:

  1. Successfully complete a Defensive Driving Course. The course must be one that is approved by the Secretary of State and taught by an approved instructor.
  2. You must provide Say a certificate (or just a copy of it) from the company you took the course with when saying you’ve successfully completed a Defensive Driving Course.
  3. The course is valid with Say for three years. If you already completed the course, it must have been within three years of your policy’s start date. Otherwise, you can complete the course at any time during your Say policy to receive the discount. Once it has been three years since you took the course, you’ll need to re-take it in order to continue receiving your Defensive Driving Discount.
  4. The Secretary of State cannot have suspended or revoked your license for any reason within the last 36 months.

The Cost of the Course

The cost for the course ranges by providers. You can search your state to find out more about your area’s options and how much it will cost. It typically ranges from $20-40. And with your rate savings, you can pretty quickly and easily make up for that cost.

How to Get Say's Defensive Driving Course Discount

When you’re going through Say’s quote process, one of the questions will ask if you've completed a Defensive Driving Course. That is your chance to let us know that you’re eligible for this discount. Once we have verified your eligibility, we’ll roll the Defensive Driving Discount into your rate. Easy as pie!

If you are already a Say customer and just took the course, you can email the Say Service Squad at and let them know. They’ll update your account and make sure you start seeing those savings.

Say Specific Requirements

In Colorado, Illinois, and Tennessee you have to be 55 years old to be eligible for this discount. But in Kansas, you can be any age to get this discount