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Does Say have an app?

Yes! Say customers can access policy information, make changes, and update payment information all from our app! Plus, digital insurance cards and roadside assistance are available without logging in. Find your app store below: AppleAndroid

Getting a Quote

What factors affect your auto insurance rates?

Our rating system is based on three broad categories: you, your household, and your coverage. We consider factors such as your age and insurance history in addition to checking your insurance score. Similar to a credit score, your insurance score is a way of predicting how likely you are to have an accident or file a claim. To learn more about our rating factors, visit our blog.

Why was my quote so high?

Rates are impacted by a number of factors. Most often, driving history (violations/claims) and your insurance score affect your rate.

Why did my rate increase?

Even if you're a perfect driver, rates can sometimes increase. Some common reasons for rate increases are: Where you live: The insurance industry is regulated by the states, so your rate could change given a change in your state law or regulations. What you drive: Changing vehicles can affect your rate.Insurance Score: If your credit or insurance scores change, your rate can change too. Say adds 50 points to your Say insurance score each renewal to help with this!Claims: Having large or frequent claims can raise your rates. Driving Violations: Recent tickets or other violations can impact your rate.If none of these rate increase reasons make sense for your situation it may be worth looking into. To double check your information, please call our Say Service Squad at 1-800-225-5729.

Why couldn’t I get a quote?

If you couldn't get a quote it means our system determined we weren't the right fit for you. Unfortunately, we can't give you the exact reasoning without looking into your case. To double check your information and better understand your options, please call our Say Service Squad at 1-800-225-5729. Even if we can’t give you a quote, we can usually help you find another company that may cover you.

Can I get a Say quote with a learner's permit?

Unfortunately, at Say we can only insure licensed drivers. Once your driver has gotten their driver's license, we would love to have them consider joining the Say family!

What kinds of vehicles does Say insure?

Say insures most types of cars, trucks, and SUVs, but we do have a few exceptions. In an effort to keep rates low for our customers, we can’t always insure luxury cars or older vehicles such as classic cars. We also don’t cover motorcycles, commercial vehicles, or cars modified for racing.

Insurance Bundles

Can I bundle different types of insurance with Say?

As of now, Say has decided to focus on making our auto insurance product the best it can be, so we do not offer bundling with other types of insurance. Say only offers auto insurance.

Insurance Score

What’s an insurance score and why does it matter?

An insurance score is a way of predicting how likely you are to have an accident or claim. Although it is similar to a credit score, insurance companies use the insurance score to analyze your financial history differently than a bank or lender would. Insurers can’t deny you a policy based solely on insurance score, but it can affect your insurance rate.


I need an SR-22. Can Say insure me?

At this point, Say doesn’t insure anyone who needs an SR-22. If you don't know what an SR-22 is, then don't stress, that means you most likely don't need one!

Safety is Our Main Priority

I’ve never heard of Say, is the company safe?

While we might be the new kid on the block, we know a thing or two about insurance and safety. We’re backed by Shelter Insurance


Does my insurance cover me in another state?

Good news: You should be covered when you’re traveling anywhere in the U.S or Canada. So, if you get into a covered accident in Ohio, and you have a Tennessee policy, you’re covered just like you would be if the accident happened in your hometown. Just make sure you file a claim for the accident as soon as possible.

Which states does Say sell insurance in?

Currently Say offers policies in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. As we grow, we expect to expand into more states.

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