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Claims Coverage

Will I automatically be covered if I start a claim?

Whether you're covered or not will depend on a variety of factors. We always recommend you file a claim any time you're in an accident. Once filed, your adjuster will determine if you’re covered and to what extent.

Are glass claims usually covered by auto insurance policies?

Your comprehensive deductible applies to glass claims in many cases.

Claims Process

How do I start a claim?

Claims are easy to file from your My Say account. Log in and go to the claims page. You can also call our Say Service Squad at 1-800-225-5729 and they can get the claim started for you.

Should I file a claim?

Any time you’re in an accident, or your car is damaged, we suggest you file a claim. It gives you the chance to have some or all damages covered and it allows for you to tell your side of the story. You can even file a claim if you think the other person is at fault, and in some cases our adjuster will transfer the claim to the other person's insurance company.

What’s the process after I’ve filed a claim?

Although each claim is a little different, here are the basics: Step 1: File your claim. You can start a claim online or by calling us at 1-800-225-5729. We’ll ask you some general information about the accident. We understand this can be a stressful time, so if you don’t have all the details that’s okay. Step 2: Adjuster assigned. Your claim will be sent to an adjuster who will typically reach out to you within 2 business days. You will have to talk to your adjuster on the phone for the claim process to continue. These should be quick phone calls that allow you to tell us what happened during the accident. Step 3: Get an estimate. You can get an estimate to fix your vehicle at any time but be sure to talk to your adjuster before completing any repairs. Once an adjuster is assigned to your claim, you can find your adjuster's contact information by logging into your My Say account and going to the claims page. Step 4: Rental car. Depending on your coverage, you might be eligible for a rental car. If you're not sure about your coverages, your adjuster can help. You also have the option to rent a car on your own, just remember to keep your receipt. If you prefer to use a ride share service such as Uber or Lyft you may qualify for reimbursement. Step 5: Investigation. Your adjuster, or another member of our claims team, will then begin working on verifying the details of your claim. Each circumstance is unique, but it's possible that you might have to speak to multiple adjusters during this step. If this happens, try to remember that our team is working hard to determine what happened in order to do the best they can for you! Step 6: Getting paid! Your adjuster will walk you through the payment process for any covered repairs or medical costs. If you have more questions about claims, give us a call at 1-800-225-5729.

Are glass claims different than other types of claims?

Glass claims for Say can be handled quickly and completely online if you want, just like our other claims!

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