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2016 08 10 Grouptablet Beyondinsurancescore

Beyond the Insurance Score

We think knowing your insurance score is great, but it's not the only thing that determines your premium. Check out what else has you paying what you pay for auto insurance.

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2016 08 10 Umbrellagroup Coverages

Coverage Types Explained

Unless you enjoy decoding insurance jargon in your spare time, we figured we could all use a little clarification on what each coverage option offers.

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2016 08 10 Partygroup Discounts


We like discounts as much as the next guy, so we made some of our own. Check 'em out and see if we can save you a buck or two.

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2016 08 10 Motherdauthericecream Claim

Getting Through Your Claim

Having a claim means there's probably going to be some stress. No need add more by trying to navigate the ins and outs of the claims process on your own. Here are some common questions answered.

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2016 08 10 Carnivalgame Score

Insurance Score

We keep talking about this insurance score thing. Let's talk about why—more specifically, where it comes from, what it means and why we care.

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2016 08 10 Drivingdownhighway Accidenttips

Tips to Reduce Accidents

We're going to guess that if given the choice between accident or no accident, 100 percent of people would tell us that's a dumb question. And it is, so here are some not so dumb tips to avoid having an accident.

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2016 08 10 Driver Insurancerate

What Affects Your Insurance Rate

Wondering why your insurance costs what it costs? Your rate is a good place to start. More importantly, what's determining your rate, and how you can or can't change it.

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