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10 Safe Driving Habits

In Illinois alone, nearly 800 car accidents occur daily. We want to help you avoid being one of them. Check out these 10 safe driving habits.

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2017 04 20 10Distracteddrivingtips

10 Ways to Keep Distracted Driving in Check

Distracted driving is a serious issue worth discussing. So from driver to driver, let's talk 10 tips to keep distracted driving in check.

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2019 09 25 blog newdriversafety teaser

5 Safety Tips for a New Driver

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of turning 16 and having the open road in front of you. As parents, this can be stressful.

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2019 06 05 car driving on sunny road teaser

6 Common Auto Insurance Questions and Their Answers

If you've got questions, we've got answers! We've covered some common auto insurance questions here.

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2019 04 10 blog woman driving car in sunshine teaser

7 Tips for Planning Ahead with Auto Insurance

We've got some food-for-thought on how to plan ahead with your auto insurance.

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2018 12 28 Infographic Coverages

A Snapshot of Say's Coverages

Want to learn more about car insurance? Check out this snapshot of our car insurance coverages.

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2019 01 22 Blog Person Holding Phone Teaser

Are Digital Insurance Cards Accepted as Proof of Insurance?

Great news! Your digital ID card does count as your proof of insurance. Get all the details here.

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2019 03 26 blog man driving in car teaser

Auto Insurance Coverage Limits Explained

Looking to learn more about auto insurance coverage? We've explained all things auto insurance limits just for you.

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2018 10 04 Blog Man Talking On Phone After Car Accident Teaser

Claim Series: Will filing a claim increase my car insurance?

Not sure if your rate will increase after you file a claim? We've got the details right here!

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2017 11 02 Say Blogphoto Claimsseries Dosanddontsofestimates

Claims Series: Do's and Don’ts of Auto Claim Estimates

If you're in a claim and need an estimate for your vehicle's repairs, we've got some tips to help you avoid mistakes and get the best estimate.

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