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2018 07 06 Blog Rentalcarinsurance Part2 Teaser Woman Getting Keys To Car

Rental Car Insurance Part 2: Should I get rental car insurance?

Now that you understand the different parts of rental car insurance from part 1 of our series, let's dive into whether you should get it or not.

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2019 01 13 Blog Couple Looking At Computer At Home Teaser

Reviewing Your Coverage: How to Check Your Policy

We want reviewing your coverage to be as easy as possible on you. That's why we've included some tips on exactly what to look for.

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2018 07 02 Blog Reviewingcoverage Newcar Teaser Woman Driving Convertible Smiling Sunshine

Reviewing Your Coverage: The Ins and Outs of New Car Insurance

Keep that shiny, brand new car safe with the right car insurance coverage. Check out what we suggest here.

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2018 05 16 Blog Reviewingyourcoverage Whentorevisit Teaser Woman In Cafe Reading Tablet

Reviewing Your Coverage: When to Revisit Your Auto Policy

Here are some big life events to help you know when to take a fresh look at your auto insurance policy.

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2016 08 10 Partygroup Discounts

Say Discounts

We like discounts as much as the next guy, so we made some of our own. Check 'em out and see if we can save you a buck or two.

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2018 07 13 Blog Doctor Making Notes With Stethoscope In Focus On Clipboard Teaser

Solving the Mystery: The Difference Between Medical Payments Coverage & Health Insurance

The mystery between Medical Payments and health insurance ends here! Read up on what each covers, and how to decide if you need both.

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2018 06 22 Blog Sweetsixteen Teaser

Sweet Sixteen: Car Insurance for New Drivers

Handing the keys over to your 16-year-old can be scary. These tips will help make sure your teen is covered and safe before they hit the road.

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2017 11 21 Say Blogphoto Sayscore

The Say Score

Insurance score plus Say renewal points equals Say score and savings. Check out one perk of being a Say customer.

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2018 08 03 Blog Person Driving Car With Sunshine Teaser

The SR-22: What It Is and Why You'd Need One

Not sure what an SR-22 is? We've explained exactly what it is, and how to know if you'd need one.

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2017 05 18 Ridesharegreyarea

The Uber and Lyft Insurance Grey Area

Ridesharing for extra income has become quite the trend, but it hasn't come without issues. Here's what it can mean for your insurance coverage.

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