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10 safe driving habits

In Illinois alone, nearly 800 car accidents occur daily. We want to help you avoid being one of them. Check out these 10 safe driving habits.

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2017 04 20 10Distracteddrivingtips

10 ways to keep distracted driving in check

Distracted driving is a serious issue worth discussing. So from driver to driver, let's talk 10 tips to keep distracted driving in check.

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2017 05 18 Ridesharegreyarea

the uber and lyft insurance grey area

Ridesharing for extra income has become quite the trend, but it hasn't come without issues. Here's what it can mean for your insurance coverage.

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2016 08 10 Drivingdownhighway Accidenttips

tips to reduce accidents

We're going to guess that if given the choice between accident or no accident, 100 percent of people would tell us that's a dumb question. And it is, so here are some not so dumb tips to avoid having an accident.

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