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10 Hilariously Odd Traffic Laws: Part Two

2016 12 27 Oddtrafficlaws

By Madeline Klein on December 29, 2016 in Life Hacks

Hopefully you learned your lesson about riding around with gorillas in your car from the last set of silly traffic laws we showed you, but what's the verdict on sheep, alligators and elephants? We've got those covered and more with another set of odd traffic laws to keep you entertained and informed!

1. Georgia: If you're going to be spitting from a vehicle in Marietta, Georgia, you better make sure you're in a truck. Cars and busses are off limits.

2. Idaho: In Coeur'd Alene, Idaho, cops have to give a three minute warning with a honk of their horn or flash of their lights before they can break up any hanky panky in a car.

3. Idaho: Once you turn 88, you better hand over your motorcycle's license if you're planning to ride anywhere near Idaho Falls.

4. Ohio: As if the embarrassment of causing a traffic jam wouldn’t be enough, it is against the law to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.

5. California: If for some reason you jump out of a car going over 65 mph in Glendale, California and survive, you can celebrate your (stupid) feat in jail, because that is a definite no-no.

6. Illinois: In Illinois, you can claim roadkill as your own, as long as you don't owe child support and haven't had your wildlife privileges revoked anywhere else in the states.

7. Montana: If you're going to keep sheep in the cab of your truck in Montana, make sure you've got a chaperone. Otherwise, you might be sheep out of luck!

8. Colorado: If you own a black car in Denver, you better borrow a friend's for your Sunday errands. Driving a black car on Sunday is forbidden.

9. Florida: Don't think tying an elephant, goat or alligator to a parking meter in Florida gets you out of paying for the spot. By law, you've still got to feed the meter.

And just to show we aren't the only country with strange traffic laws, here's quite the international curiosity.

10. Russia: A dirty car can cost you $55, whether it's your interior or exterior. Just make sure that when you're sprucing up your ride to avoid the fine, you're at home or the car wash. Anywhere else is illegal.

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