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5 Trailers for a Stellar Camping Trip

2018 07 11 Blog Trailersforcamping

By Madeline Klein on July 24, 2018 in Travel

Getting outdoors and enjoying nature is great for you. Simply being in nature, especially some kind of wooded area, can help you lower stress and be happier according to studies.

As many flock outdoors to escape our electronic devices and step away from work for some much needed R&R, there are so many great options for how to camp. Whether you camp in your car, a tent, or hook up a small camper to your vehicle, you’ve got any number of options to help make a great camping trip.

Campers can be more on the expensive side but are a great investment if you are an outdoor lover who uses it often. To help with your buying decisions, we’ve gathered our favorite trailers that easily hook up to your vehicle for your next camping trip.

1. The Sport by Airstream

You’ll be able to go anywhere and will want for nothing with this option. This sporty trailer seems to have everything you could need on a camping trip, all while being high quality and luxurious. Some of the best features include the bathroom, bed, dinette, refrigerator, and stove top. It also comes equipped with some additional safety measures like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as a fire extinguisher. Your neighbors will surely be jealous when they see this parked in your driveway.

2. The R-Pod by Forest River

The Forest River R-Pod is a durable option for the hardcore outdoor lovers. Some key features include weatherproof window seals, a one-piece fiberglass roof, tinted windows, and safety features like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It also comes with an awning, which could be great for maximizing your space outdoors and will help shield you from the weather. This slightly smaller option still packs quite the punch.

3. The Meerkat by Little Guys Trailers

This small camping trailer is on the lighter end of the weight spectrum weighing only 900 pounds. Because of that, it is easy to maneuver and a good option if you’re traveling on tougher terrain. It also has a convenient pop-up roof to provide some extra headspace. It can sleep four, but can comfortably fit more for a meal with its wrap around seating. This option can even fit into a typical garage, so storing year round should be no problem.

4. HC1 by Happier Camper

Looking for a bold camper small enough to take anywhere? The HC1 has a sleek retro style and doesn’t seem to be lacking on any features. The padded seating can be removed or rearranged, based on your needs. It has large, panoramic windows which can open outwards so you’ll still be able to interact with friends if you’re inside cooking or relaxing. This trailer is extremely customizable and is a solid option if you have more specific needs for your outdoor adventures.

5. The Cricket by Taxa

The Cricket has a more rugged, outdoor feel for a camper. It can sleep two adults and two kids, so it makes a great choice for a small family. Similar to the Meerkat, it also has a pop-up roof for more ventilation and to give the feeling of a more spacious camper. It comes with USB charging ports, so if you want to stay connected while spending your time outdoors, you won’t have any problem.

Overall, a camper is an investment but can be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who are avid campers. All of these options can easily hook up to a sturdy car, so the sky’s the limit for your camping location. Once you find the right trailer for you, all you’ll have to do is find the time, pick the place, pop in your favorite podcast, and you’ll be ready for adventure at a moment’s notice!

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