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6 Activities To Do Inside

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By Madeline Klein on March 23, 2020 in Life Hacks

Whether you are stuck inside due to spring showers or social distancing, we’ve got entertaining activities to help pass the time! Dive right in and cure your boredom.

Read a Good Book

You’ve just hit the jackpot because we recently asked our team to share some of their favorite books with all of you! From fantasy to historical fiction, we suggest you grab one of these books and power through. You might even learn something along the way.

Dive into a New Show

While you could consult Netflix for their suggestions, we have some solid TV shows and movies for you to check out. We cover all the genres – comedy, rom-com, action, superhero, suspense, and more. This list definitely has something for everyone!

Get Artsy

A quick Amazon purchase could bring you all the necessary supplies, paint, paintbrushes, canvas, markers, pens, and more, to create a masterpiece. For the artists who dare to move beyond pen-and-paper, build something out of those cardboard boxes that are stacking up in your basement.

Try a New Recipe

Be honest, you’ve watched every episode of the Great British Baking Show and it’s made you want to make pies, bread, biscuits, and more. Well, you could take this opportunity to bake a masterpiece worth Mary Berry’s praise. If baking isn’t your cup of tea, try out a new breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe. They can be equally as rewarding. If you missed out on National Tortilla Chip Day, these recipes are waiting to be tried, but if they don’t suit your fancy, pull out that cookbook you’ve had for years, flip to a random page, and whip up the recipe!

Learn a New Hobby

We all have that one hobby we’ve aspired to learn for as long as we can remember. There’s just always something that seems a little more important and less intimidating than pouring time into learning this skill. Well, now is the time! Here are a few ideas you can try from the comfort of your living room:

  • Juggling
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Candle Making
  • Learn a New Language
  • Calligraphy
  • Home Brewing

Clean Your House

Don’t worry, we understand this might not be your example of something “fun” to do inside. However, we are here to remind you that the post-cleaning-sitting-on-the-couch-admiring-your-work feeling simply can’t be beaten. Usually, we prioritize cleaning your car but since everyone is encouraged to stay away from social gatherings, your car probably isn’t getting much drive time.

Madeline Klein is Say's Digital Content Producer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her experience is in writing and digital media. Madeline loves using her creativity to write and design new and exciting pieces of work for Say!