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Accident Forgiveness

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By Makenzie Crutcher on April 23, 2021 in Insurance Basics

Most drivers tend to think they have superior skills and assume nothing bad will happen to them on the road. Unfortunately, as a car insurance provider, we know that isn’t the case. That’s why we include accident forgiveness in our Say policies. Learn more about what accident forgiveness is, how it works, and more!

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is a pretty neat concept. It can help keep smaller at-fault accidents from raising your insurance premiums in the future. Getting into an accident can sometimes effect your car insurance rate because driving history is a factor that helps calculate your rate. So, at its core, accident forgiveness can allow you to wipe that accident away from your record and avoid increased premiums.

Hint: if you’re looking for accident forgiveness in your Say policy, it is found as a part of the accident surcharge factor.

How does Accident Forgiveness work?

Accident forgiveness sounds like true sorcery, we get it. I mean, how can a car accident just “disappear” and not affect your premium? It’s important to note here that the specific amount forgiven, the number of accidents forgiven, and whether this saving opportunity is included in the policy or offered as an add-on for additional cost, varies based on insurance provider. Plus, some providers only offer it to drivers with squeaky clean driving records.

Since we know our policies inside and out, we’ll give you the scoop on how it works at Say. It boils down to this: We won’t raise the price of your premium for accidents that cost less than $1,000. So, that minor fender bender should not affect your future premiums. It gets better though – this applies to ALL Say policies, so just being a part of our family means you get this all-star perk!

Claims Process

Since accident forgiveness applies to after an accident, we thought we’d mention a little about our claims process. We’re drivers too, so we completely understand how tough accidents can be. That’s why we made our 24/7 all online claims process as quick and easy as possible! All you’ll need is:

  • Contact information from everyone involved
  • A list of injuries
  • When and where it happened
  • Photos of the scene (you can take them yourself or an adjuster will do it for you)
  • Police report number (if you reached out to the police)

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, your adjuster and our Say Service Squad is here for you!

Other Saving Opportunities

When a driver signs a policy with us, it truly feels like our family is growing, and we LOVE saving our Say family those dollar bills. So, if you have multiple vehicles, choose paperless document delivery, pay for six months in full, and/or have continuous coverage, you could save on your policy! That’s not all though, you can check out all our discounts and discover other ways to save money.


Let’s wrap this accident forgiveness conversation up and throw a little bow on top.

Accident forgiveness helps prevent your driving record from being tainted with a small at-fault accident which could increase your premium for months or years to come!

How’s it look at Say? We won’t raise your premium for accidents that cost less than $1,000 -- this applies to all Say policies!

Makenzie Crutcher is the Brand Strategist for Say Insurance. She graduated from Westminster College with a degree in English, emphasis in Literature. Prior to joining Say, Makenzie was an insurance underwriter specializing in policy risk analysis. Having nearly a decade of experience in the insurance industry, she brings a unique perspective to the Say marketing team. Makenzie loves to use her industry expertise and charismatic personality to bring everyone the scoop on Say!