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Auto Insurance Myths and Misconceptions

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By Madeline Klein on September 1, 2021 in Insurance Basics

We’ve all been told a myth or two. From more believable ones like, “Lighting never strikes the same place twice,” to less believable ones like, “The Earth is flat,” sometimes myths come from seemingly reputable sources, and we can’t help but believe them.

Never fear, we’re here to debunk five common auto insurance myths and misconceptions. Auto insurance is our thing, so you know you can trust us.

Myth #1: Owning a red vehicle causes higher car insurance rates.

Okay, whoever told you this must’ve had a bone to pick with red cars. While they’re a bit flashy for some, they’re absolutely perfect for others.

Car color matters when thinking about purchase price, resale value, or crash risk. So, while your red convertible might cost you more when you drive off the lot, the Insurance Information Institute says, “The color doesn’t factor into your auto insurance costs.”

Factors that do go into determining your rate are:

  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Age, gender, marital status, and driving records of all drivers on policy
  • Level of chosen coverage, including your limit amounts and deductibles
  • Number of miles driven

Myth #2: You always must pay extra for Roadside Assistance.

Other insurance providers might try to charge you for Roadside Assistance when you purchase your car insurance policy. Not us, though. At Say Insurance, we include 24/7 Roadside Assistance in every policy, up to $100 per incident.

Since we’re proof that you do not, in fact, have to pay extra for Roadside Assistance, let’s consider this myth just that – a myth.

Myth #3: Full coverage.

This is a fun one. Full coverage sounds like every driver’s dream, so we totally understand it’s an easier myth to buy into. However, car insurance policies that truly cover everything don’t exist in real life – only in our dreams. Instead of being covered in every single situation, insurance companies’ goals are to help protect you in most situations.

“Full Coverage” = comprehensive + liability + collision

Instead of a box you can check and easily opt into when getting a quote or signing up for a policy, “full coverage” is generally referred to as a combination of comprehensive, liability, and collision coverages.

BOOM, another one debunked! We’re on a roll.

Myth #4: Special features like fancy wheels or window tints affect premium cost.

If you’ve tricked out your ride with special wheels and dark window tints, good for you. We love a swanky ride! Ever noticed when filling out a car insurance quote, we only ask for make, model, and VIN? Those features aren’t used to determine cost of your premium, but be aware some policies will only elect to pay the comparable value of your ride in the settlement of a covered claim.

Overall, your rate shouldn’t be higher because you upgraded your ride. Do keep in mind you want to select coverage that best fits your ride though, so take those extras into consideration when purchasing a policy.

Myth #5: Going to an agent is the only way to get car insurance.

We’re here with a hot take.

Traditional car insurance and all-online car insurance are both great!

Each driver has a different preference, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. If you prefer in-person connections, the agent life might be the life for you. If you prefer online experiences where you don’t have to talk to anyone, Say might be your glass slipper.

Car insurance continues to evolve each year. Now, you don’t have to have the same experience as your next-door neighbor or your immediate family. You can choose a provider with coverage options, service, and a customer platform that works best for you and your lifestyle! The world is your oyster!


If reading this blog made you question both outlandish and previously believable things you’ve heard about car insurance, then we’ve done our job! Our goal is to bring drivers clear and transparent insurance on the road, so we want you to know the whole truth.

As always, if you have any questions or additional myths you want to know more about, reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we’ll get you your answers as soon as possible.

Madeline Klein is Say's Digital Content Producer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her experience is in writing and digital media. Madeline loves using her creativity to write and design new and exciting pieces of work for Say!