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Average Car Insurance Rates by Age and State

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By Madeline Klein on March 26, 2020 in Insurance Basics

Here’s the scoop – your age and the state you live in play a role in your auto insurance rate! While at first this might make you want to riot, we hope a of bit more information will help this make sense. Insurance companies don’t just make up arbitrary numbers to bamboozle you out of money. The numbers are backed by statistics of the age range and states that have the most accidents. Lucky for us, The Zebra just released their 2020 State of Auto Insurance and it breaks down a lot of these stats for us! So, here you go!

Average Insurance Rates by State

The state you live in could purely a product of your circumstances, or maybe you’re a die-hard fan of your state just like those crazy Texans. Whether or not you love your state, it plays a role in your insurance rate. The states with the most expensive and cheapest car insurance rates are as follows.

Highest 5

1. Michigan

2. Louisiana

3. Florida

4. Kentucky

5. Rhode Island

Lowest 5

46. Ohio

47. Hawaii

48. New Hampshire

49. North Carolina

50. Maine

You may notice none of our Say states were in the 10 listed states. This is both good for us (not the highest) and unfortunate for us (not the lowest). Of course, we want you to know the ranking of the areas we cover! So, here they are…

10. Colorado

11. Missouri

16. Kansas

20. Tennessee

39. Illinois

The Zebra reported that car insurance rates went up in 33 states and dropped in 18 states over the past year. It’s crazy that through these changes Michigan and Maine held their positions for highest and lowest respectively. We supposed there is something to be said about consistency!

Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

Younger drivers are often associated with being “new” and “inexperienced”. Maybe you’ve been driving golf carts and four-wheelers since you could walk, so you think you don’t fit in this inexperienced category. In this case, blame your peers. Just kidding, but statistics prove teens are more likely to get in accidents and file claims. Sadly, this means higher rates even for the safest youngsters!

The averages slowly decline from teens to 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. 50s have the lowest average insurance rates so once you get to 60s, 70s, and 80s your rates begin increasing again. Basically, 50s could be the peak of your car insurance rate life.

How Gender Affects Car Insurance

A few states have made it illegal to consider gender when calculating car insurance rate. Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, and California are the leaders in this movement. No Say states yet, but we are crossing our fingers and toes we’ll be next!

For those states that do consider gender when calculating rates, women pay less than 1% more than men (on a national scale). However, some states such as Louisiana and Wyoming fluctuate more! Women pay 5% more in Louisiana and men pay 3.7% more in Wyoming.


If you’re one of the people who is a perfect driver and your rate is higher than you expect or has risen from year to year, check out the reasons why your car insurance rate can still go up despite a clean driving record! These factors range from state and age to car make and model. Just remember, it’s not always personal to receive a high car insurance rate – some factors are simply out of your control!

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