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Best and Worst Places to Park in Cities

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By Madeline Klein on May 11, 2020 in Safe Driving

It’s important to be safe when you park your vehicle, especially when you’ll be away for an extended period of time! We can take a lot of advice from those signs in parking lots that say “LOCK your car. TAKE your keys. HIDE your belongings.” Why not take it a step further?

Best Places

Let’s kick off with some tips. We mentioned this in our car safety in a new city blog, and while it might be obvious to you, it’s still worth saying. Lock your cars! Even when it is locked, it’s smart to hide away your valuables in your trunk or glove compartment. If you have anti-theft devices, set those babies up! There are so many options, so there’s no excuse not to find a good fit for you and protect your car.

A few things to look for when you’re picking out that perfect spot:

  • Well-Lit
  • Close to your Destination
  • Parking garages with security guards or boom barrier
  • Plenty of Space
  • Populated Area

Worst Places

We can go ahead and rule out any dark scary alleys that are not marked for parking because obviously that’s screaming “tow me, tow me, tow me”. It’s tricky to say the worst places to park in cities because your familiarity with the city might make you know that one parking spot that doesn’t really look like a parking spot, but it’s your go-to for every Chicago Blackhawk’s game.

A handful of things to be cautious about:

  • Dark or Poorly Lit
  • Loitering Around the Area
  • No Parking Signs/Towing Enforced (We can confidently say, don’t test these signs even if you’re just running in. You never know when they’ll slap a boot on your vehicle)
  • Low Traffic Areas

City Parking shared some interesting statistics about the toughest U.S. cities to find free parking! We’ll share the list with you here:

1. Chicago, Illinois

2. Washington, D.C

3. New York, New York

4. San Francisco, California

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Seattle, Washington

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Remember, always keep your eyes out for the spots that won’t cost a pretty penny AND will keep your car safe as can be! Those are the winners.

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