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Best of the Breweries in the Say States

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By Makenzie Crutcher on June 22, 2022 in Travel

We’re all familiar with the big brands like Anheuser Busch or Samuel Adams. However, our Say states have some pretty amazing local breweries. Plan an entire beer-centered trip, or just add one of these to your weekend plans with friends!

According to BeerInfo, “Overall U.S. beer consumption per adult 21 and over is around 28.2 gallons per person, per year.” To add to this, in the United States, there are more than 9,000 beer producers. So, we know our beer drinkers are out there looking for their new favorite brew.


  • Dovetail Brewing – Chicago, Illinois

Dovetail Brewing is the perfect example of traditional meets modern. Owners Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink met in Munich while studying for their Master Brewer Certifications. This is how they describe their brewing style, “We brew like monks (minus the vows) and believe that brewing is a fine balance of art and science, hard work and fun.” If you’re like us, and you’re intrigued by Master Brewer Certifications, check out the top brewing schools to attend this year. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Anyway, back to Dovetail. They boast about all their beers, but you’ll want to check out their easy-to-drink Hefeweizen that’ll keep you coming back for more. You can find them at 1800 W. Belle Plaine, Chicago, IL 60613. This location offers a bring-your-own food taproom, a Biergarten, and a dog-friendly patio. What more could you ask for?

  • Energy City Brewing – Batavia, Illinois

Energy City Brewing is a unique brewery…so if that’s what you’re on the hunt for – look no further. Their head and only brewmaster, David Files, started brewing with just a simple home kit and, honestly, not a ton of initial success. However, once his stout won a competition against more than 500 other beers, he was ready to start his company… in a basement. In fact, this experimental lab is still their location today!

Files attributes the name “Energy City Brewing” to the fact that Batavia, Illinois, is known as the City of Energy. Currently, they only offer pick-up from their first basement location at 917 First Street, Batavia, Illinois. Since their hours are limited, be prepared to stand in line with other beer lovers. We guarantee the line will be worth it once you try their award-winning Bâtisserie S’Mores Stout because it’s brewed with real ‘mores ingredients (graham crackers, marshmallows, and cocoa)!

  • Phase Three Brewing – Lake Zurich, Illinois

Everyone has their passion projects – from painting to home renovations to brewing; that’s exactly how Phase Three Brewing started! Husband and wife duo, Shaun and Brittney Berns, and close friend Evan Morris, all met while working at a restaurant and brewery. The famous “three phases” are basically: the crew meeting while at work and becoming close friends (Evan and Shaun) and a couple (Brittney and Shaun), all of them moving to a new brewery to start their beer program, and finally moving to a brewery in Lake Zurich and eventually taking it over.

The Untappd ratings are in and the Pixel Density Hazy IPA is the fan favorite at Phase Three Brewery. You have to check it out for yourself! Their taproom can be visited every day at 932 Donata Ct., Lake Zurich, Illinois, 60047. Offering both outdoor and indoor seating with a modern look, you won’t want to miss this brewery.


  • Side Project Brewing – St. Louis, Missouri

Side Project Brewing: Side Project Brewing and The Side Project Cellar are both located in Maplewood, Missouri, which is a part of St. Louis. They’re a 100% barrel-aged brewery owned by husband and wife, Cory and Karen King. The two shared a passion for wine and beer tasting while traveling to wineries and breweries, and boom--Side Project Brewing was created. If you find yourself enthralled by this brewery, you can join the waitlist for La Coterie, an exclusive group that gets to reserve and purchase beer before the general public.

So, next time you’re on your way to a Cardinals game, stop by 7485 Manchester Rd, Maplewood, Missouri, 63143 for a quick beer! Be sure to get a tall pour of their wild ale Merci – a combination of two Saisons and two Missouri Ales. This is what dreams are made of!

  • Logboat Brewing Co. – Columbia, Missouri

Located in our very own city at 504 Fay St. Columbia, Missouri, 65201, Logboat Brewing Co. is a Missouri must-visit. The location is a renovated meat packing plant featuring all US-sourced equipment. Their taproom has a friendly and educated staff ready to talk beer (or just talk in general). Plus, the famous Logboat Park is open outside for families, dogs, and beer drinkers ready to have fun or play a game of cornhole. Check out year-round favorites like Shiphead, an American Wheat with ginger and lemon, or seasonals like summer-favorite Lei-a, a Berliner Weisse style ale with guava.

  • Mother’s Brewing Co – Springfield, Missouri

With a building dating back to 1902 that was renovated with reclaimed materials, Mother’s Brewing Co. in Springfield has a full experience, centered around beer. Not only can you schedule tours of their brewery located at 215 S. Grant Ave, Springfield, Missouri, 65806, but they also host events throughout the year like Native Plant Sales and concerts.

They have about 1 million options to choose from. Okay, we might’ve exaggerated that last bit, but there’s still got to be something for everyone! If you visit in the winter, check out the coffee stout, Winter Grind; and if you visit in the summer, check out the American IPA, Lil’ Helper!


  • 23rd Street Brewery – Lawrence, Kansas

The city known as the home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks has a lot more to offer visitors…and yes, we’re talking about beer. 23rd Street Brewery prides itself on award-winning, hand-crafted, small-batch brews. Don’t miss their fan-favorite Crimson Phog Red, an Irish red ale, at 3512 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, Kansas 66047.

While the best place to enjoy one of their beers is at their brewery with a hot artichoke dip appetizer and a New York Reuben sandwich, you can also find them across the state of Kansas. Or if you’re more of a deal lover, they have food specials every day to pair with your beer of choice!

  • Hopping Gnome Brewery – Wichita, Kansas

Hopping Gnome Brewery blasts its famous tagline, “Brewed for the locals,” first thing on its website. Taking inspiration from well-known breweries in Colorado, owner, Torrey Lattin, wanted to bring something new to Kansas, and he did. Hopping Gnome Brewery was the first taproom in Wichita.

According to their website, their taproom is a “beer-focused atmosphere, where friends can get together and play games, order in a pizza, and hang out like it’s your friend’s house (except you have to pay for the beer…[they’re] trying to run a business here).” Support this small local business at 1710 E. Douglas Wichita, Kansas 67214, and reinforce Lattin’s dreams of bringing this important and unique experience to Wichita with their Steampunk Saison!

  • Happy Bassett Brewing Co. – Topeka, Kansas

You already know we love anything and everything that features dogs. So, we’re all about Happy Bassett Brewing Co. and their Bassett Hound logo. We have Gracie and Freckles to thank, the two basset hounds that inspired the opening of this family-owned brewery in 2014. This brewery prides itself on giving back to the community too by using locally sourced ingredients, participating in local fundraisers, and membership in the Topeka Chamber of Commerce.

So, you know when you grab a brew at 510 SW 49th Street, Topeka, Kansas, you’re doing more than just drinking their Hoppy Basset IPA, you’re supporting the whole community.


  • Bierstadt Lagerhaus – Denver, Colorado

Stick to the classics and traditions at Bierstadt Lagerhaus. Their website boasts, “We resurrected an eighty-seven-year-old brew kettle from Germany and a strict Reinheitsgebot process. Four ingredients. Water, yeast, malt, and hops.” There’s a famous adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and Bierstadt Lagerhaus took this to heart – keeping beer simple, the way they know it should be. So, you must try the Slow Pour Pils. With over 4 stars on Untappd, this German Pilsner will surely wow you and your taste buds. Pop by 2875 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado 80205 for live music, lager, and laughs (you just have to bring the company!).

  • Weldwerks Brewery – Greeley, Colorado

Award-winning brews, what more do you need to know? Like all good things, Weldworks Brewery started in a garage. No wait, that’s not how it goes, is it? Either way, they have unique and innovative brews for you to try.

They release new beers every single Friday at noon, so mark your calendars for Friday evening to try the newest flavor from this brewery located at 508 US-85 BUS, Greeley, Colorado, 80631. You’ll never need to have the same beer twice!

A couple of our suggestions? The Juicy Bits hazy IPA if you’re a citrus fan or the Coffee Coconut Stout if you’re a dark-beer lover!

  • CODA Brewing Co. – Golden, Colorado

CODA Brewing Co. is a must-visit if you’re in the Golden area. Not only do they make awesome beers, but they stand by their motto, “Ale’s what cures you.” Coda’s website mentions there are health benefits in the added ingredients beyond water, grain, yeast, and hops.

Just want a splash or a sample flight? Expect it to be served in a legitimate Pyrex beaker. So, you get the FULL experience here. They’re working on the reinvention of fruit/beer stereotypes.

Another note from their website about their unique name, “The coda symbol notes the end of a music passage. Like the end of the arduous brewing process or having a beer at the end of a long day. Every beer has an audio pairing. Coda's approach is tapping into that last sense of hearing by pairing beer with music and collaborating with musicians to make beer they want.”

We shouldn’t have to tell you that this place is worth going to, but we will anyway. Check out their So Go Hazy IPA or Dark Matter Stout at 15965 S. Golden Rd. Ste C2, Golden, Colorado, 80401.


  • Deviate Brewing Co – Indianapolis, Indiana

What do two BFFs do with a little borrowed equipment? Well, start Deviate Brewing Co., duh. The plan for Mike Orkey and Greg Ortwein was to deviate from the norm. While they spent many days and weeks learning how to recreate some of their shared favorite flavors, they decided craft beer was invented to change and develop what’s “normal”.

After you watch the Colts play or visit the famous Indianapolis Zoo, take a detour to visit Deviate Brewing Co. at 4004 W. 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46268. While you’re there, try their Hop Supremacy or Juicy Caboosey…Because with names like those, you know the beer has to be good.

  • 3 Floyds Brewing – Munster, Indiana

3 Floyds Brewing in Munster started with only a few hundred dollars and some random refurbished equipment in 1996. They pride themselves on keeping beer new and featuring wide varieties, while simultaneously making sure all their beer “taste like Three Floyds.” We’re not sure how they successfully pull this off, but they’re crushing it! Their variety ranges from IPAs to Porters.

Do a little taste test for yourself and see if you can taste the Three Floyds in them all at 9750 Indiana Parkway, Munster, Indiana, 46321. Schedule a brewery tour if you want more information on how incredible beers like their Zombie Dust Pale Ale or Gumballhead American Pale Wheat are created.

  • Windmill Brewing – Dyer, Indiana

Two words define Windmill Brewing Co. “Beer. Reformed.” They stand by their opinion that, “beer isn’t meant to just be consumed, it’s meant to be enjoyed and shared.” Two Dutch friends started this brewery after home brewing for many years. Together they have experience farming, managing breweries, IT support, testing, formulating recipes, building relationships, and sourcing fresh products. So, basically, they have everything they need to run a successful brewery, right?

Located on the border of Indiana and Illinois at 2121 Gettler Street, Dyer, Indiana, 46311, their extensive list of beers will draw you in and keep you drinking! Don’t miss our personal favorite the Lake Michigan Sunset – it’s packed with fruit like peaches, limes, and blueberries, so it’s incredibly refreshing!


  • Ghost River Brewing Co. – Memphis, Tennessee

Ghost River Brewing Co. gets its name from the river located at the point the Wolf River expands. So, of course, they use water from this river through the Memphis Sand Aquifer, and they claim it’s the best water on Earth. As Memphis’s first craft brewery, Ghost River is dedicated to giving back to its community through the river conservation efforts. They give back with every barrel sold!

Check out their variety of ales (golden, cream, Indian pale, and coffee cream) at 827 S Main St, Memphis, Tennessee, 38106!

  • Jackalope Brewery – Nashville, Tennessee

Besides their super cool name, Jackalope Brewery has lots to boast about. It’s a female-founded brewery that opened in 2011. They offer year-round seasonal selections like the Fennario IPA which boasts a 7.2% ABV and floral flavors or Thunder Ann Pale with citrusy hops, mango, and apricot! No matter the season, they’ll have a perfectly curated beer for you.

Plus, they’re known as the first Nashville brewery to can its beer – pretty impressive!

Stationed in the Chestnut Hill area of Nashville at 429B Houston St, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 you won’t want to miss this one.

  • Chattanooga Brewing Co – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Buckle down for a brief history of Chattanooga Brewing Co. Originally, it opened its doors in 1890 but stopped operation during Prohibition in 1915. It’s famous for being the oldest brewery in Chattanooga, and, remarkably, it survived The Prohibition. Brought back to life in 2006, they continue to honor their timeless beer traditions today at 1804 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37408.

Their core beers are a Hilly City IPA, Faultless Lager, Chestnut Street Brown, and Hot Mama Habanero Beer. So, there’s something for the plain beer drinkers and something for the most explorative drinkers!


So, don’t wait! Grab some friends or family and try a new brewery today!

P.S. If you’re drinking ALWAYS remember to make plans to get home before beginning consumption of these incredible beers. Lyft and Uber are there to get you home safe and sound.

Makenzie Crutcher is the Brand Strategist for Say Insurance. She graduated from Westminster College with a degree in English, emphasis in Literature. Prior to joining Say, Makenzie was an insurance underwriter specializing in policy risk analysis. Having nearly a decade of experience in the insurance industry, she brings a unique perspective to the Say marketing team. Makenzie loves to use her industry expertise and charismatic personality to bring everyone the scoop on Say!