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Claims Series: Total Loss vs. Repairable Claims

Auto claims typically go one of two ways for your vehicle: total loss or repairable claims. We've got the breakdown for both types here.

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Claims Series: Do's and Don’ts of Auto Claim Estimates

If you're in a claim and need an estimate for your vehicle's repairs, we've got some tips to help you avoid mistakes and get the best estimate.

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Claims Series: Should I file an auto insurance claim?

Sometimes a tiny fender bender doesn't seem worth the trouble of a claim. Should you file anyways? We've got your when to and when not to here.

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Does getting your car towed affect your insurance premium?

Your car just got towed and you're wondering how big of an impact, if any, it will have on your insurance premium. We've got the answers.

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Filing a claim can seem overwhelming, so we want to make sure you're as prepared as possible!

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