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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

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By Madeline Klein on March 5, 2020 in Insurance Basics

Oh hail no! The clouds darkened and the hail began sprinkling your street before you had the chance to move your car to a safe place. Now what? Make sure you’re covered and start a claim to get your dented vehicle looking brand new!

Is Hail Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

While every insurance’s coverage is different, we’ll answer your questions to the best of our ability! Hail may be covered by comprehensive coverage because it falls under the “other than collision” coverage. This specific coverage is sometimes optional. It may protect you from paying the full cost of damages caused by non-accident related incidents. You might be wondering…what on earth is going to happen to my car besides a crash? We’re talking vandalism, theft, fire, animals, weather, and more!

Does Liability Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Liability car insurance is what pays for covered injuries and damages you caused to other people and their property. It provides coverage for both Bodily Injury Liability coverage and Property Damage Liability coverage. What does this mean?

Basically, unless the hailstorm made you so flustered that you crashed into another vehicle, liability insurance likely won’t come into play here.

We break down some other frequently asked questions about liability insurance here!

Does Gap Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Short answer, no. However, we want to take a moment to explain this one to you.

Gap insurance comes into play if the vehicle is totaled and covers the difference between the car’s initial value and the depreciated value. Still curious about gap insurance? You’re not alone. Read more!

Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

BINGO! As we mentioned before, Comprehensive coverage is where you’re likely going to see coverage for hail damage. Dare we say, hail yes! If you’re in an area prone to hail, purchasing Comprehensive coverage might be “the move” for you. Just remember, the coverage must be purchased before any damage occurs.

Say’s Comprehensive coverage will pay up to $30 a day for a maximum of 45 days for the cost of temporary transportation needed during the search for your car. Learn more about our Comprehensive coverage and limitations!

How Much Does Insurance Pay for Hail Damage?

Auto Dent Specialists break down some costs for us, however these can vary based on repair shop and damage.

  • Small dents average $30-$45 per repair
  • Medium dents average $40-55 per repair
  • Large dents average $75-80 per repair

This can add up quick! Auto Trends estimates the repair cost for an average passenger vehicle is $2,500. So, let’s avoid this by trying to park in garages, carports, and any covered areas when the meteorologist predicts a hailstorm.

Does Hail Damage Raise Insurance Rates?

Insurance companies base rates off of weather in the area as it relates to the likelihood of a claim. So, you filing a claim might not be the sole reason for increased rates, but if everyone in your neighborhood that got hit with the hailstorm ALL file claims…you could see a rate increase.

Moral of the story? Look for a garage when buying a house. No, that wasn’t it, even though that would be effective.

Truthfully, just being cautious and preparing for the weather can save you serious cash when it comes to hail. While coverage usually comes from Comprehensive, many factors can affect the cost and coverage limits. Add checking your policy to your weekly to-do list to see if you’re eligible for a claim!

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