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Garage Cleaning Tips

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By Madeline Klein on April 21, 2020 in Life Hacks

Fair warning: this might be a lot of work and you will likely find items you thought were long gone.

Step 1: Take everything out

Okay, we hear you. You’re saying, “UGH, no way am I doing this. I’ll just go ahead and skip to step two.” We’re going to stop you there. While taking everything out of the garage seems like absolute craziness, there’s a method to the madness here. Removing everything from the garage sets us up perfectly for step 3, cleaning the space from top to bottom.

Step 2: Organize removed items

Three piles will emerge from this organization – donate, sell, and trash. No more excuses for keeping things you aren’t using! If items are in good condition, donate them to the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. Random wires, broken devices, and loose papers can be thrown out.

Step 3: Deep clean the walls and floor

Here’s a hefty, but oh so rewarding, step for you. Let’s start with the walls. Use a broom or vacuum to remove spiderwebs. Home Advisor has some rocking tips for mold renewal, if you need it, and ways to prevent mold in the future! Keep that broom in hand and sweep out any leaves or dirt that made it back in. When it comes to oil stains on the floor, grab your kitty litter, dish soap, and a wire scrub brush and go to town. A once-over with a mop after all this scrubbing will leave the floor sparkling clean.

Step 4: Organization

Utilizing shelves and hooks is a game-changer. You’ll have extra room to park your car and rummaging through that junk tub will be a task of the past! Buy some clear bins to allow you to see the contents and label everything appropriately.

Step 5: Pull the car in

The final step involves pulling your car into its clean new home. Imagine how you feel when you finish cleaning your room and lie down on your bed to marvel at your hard work. That’s probably what your car is feeling right about now, minus doing the hard work!

If you’re feeling ambitious and want tips to clean your car next, check out our blog!

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