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Meet our New Mobile App

Meet our New Mobile App Header

By Madeline Klein on September 7, 2021 in Say's Spotlight

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. This is not a drill. The Say mobile app is officially live. We repeat, the Say mobile app is LIVE. Our team is incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of our talented employees who created this gem.

Let’s highlight a couple notable features:

Access to ID cards – anytime, anywhere.

The days of paper insurance cards are way behind us. Now, the days of not having enough service to view your ID card are behind us too. This feature was highly requested by our current customers, so you knew we’d hook you up with it.

Once you're logged in, all you need to do is open the app and press the purple banner that says “View Saved ID Card” – it’s that simple!

Convenient face ID and touch ID log in.

Ever since Touch ID launched in the early 2010 and Face ID shortly after, logging into your phone and applications has never been easier. Our one-time password log in online saves you the stress of forgotten passwords and unrealistic requirements, so you only had to check your email to access your information. Now, you only have to check your email or texts once, then you can use touch or face ID to login anytime after.

Manage your payments.

Want to review your most recent auto payments or change your payment method? All you need is your phone and the new payment information.

See your policy and make changes.

Do you ever have the random desire to check your policy coverages or limits? With the app, you can view your coverages and limits at any time. Even more, you can make policy updates – like adding another driver or vehicle. No more dragging out the big laptop to make quick changes.

Easily call Roadside Assistance.

With just a tap of your finger, you can call Roadside Assistance. You don’t even have to be logged in! So, when that post-flat-tire stress hits you, no need to spend time logging in or navigating to the correct page.

You can handle all your car insurance needs with our Say Insurance® app! From payments to policy changes, do it all in one convenient place.

Find our app today:

Madeline Klein is Say's Digital Content Producer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her experience is in writing and digital media. Madeline loves using her creativity to write and design new and exciting pieces of work for Say!