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Multi-Car Savings

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By Makenzie Crutcher on March 16, 2021 in Say's Spotlight

You’ve been eyeing your dream car for years now. After finally pulling the trigger and deciding to buy it, you might start to wonder how adding an additional car to your car insurance policy will affect your rate.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to explain your opportunity for multi-car savings with Say! Our feelings on the matter are simple. We believe the more vehicles, the merrier – so having more than one vehicle on your policy may reduce the per-car cost of your insurance premium according to the number of drivers in the household and the number of cars.

Our policyholders and their rides are like family, so we’re always happy to grow together.

Ins and outs of multi-car savings

The concept of multi-car savings is pretty straightforward. Add a vehicle and you could save money per car. Arguably one of the best parts (besides saving that cash money!) is that these savings should automatically be applied – no hoops to jump through or lengthy forms to fill out.

It’s important to note your saving opportunities could continue to grow when you move from one to two or two to three vehicles. So, if you’re a car collector looking for that justification to purchase your third four-wheeled baby – this might just be it!

With our My Say customer portal, adding vehicles has never been easier! Just sign in and go to the “my policy” tab. There you’ll see “vehicles” and be able to effortlessly add another car to your policy.

How much could you save?

If you’re more of a visual person, no stress. We’ll show your savings in a chart!

Additional savings opportunities

The savings don’t stop at adding vehicles. If you opt to go paperless or pay your bill in full for six months at a time, you could save up to 10% for EACH! We also offer discounts for purchasing your policy at least seven days out, keeping continuous insurance with no gaps, taking a defensive driving course, and installing qualifying anti-theft devices!

That’s #winning and #saving!


Let’s recap! Having more than one vehicle on your policy can reduce the per-car cost of your insurance premium.

*Based on premium computation according to base household factor.

Makenzie Crutcher is the Brand Strategist for Say Insurance. She graduated from Westminster College with a degree in English, emphasis in Literature. Prior to joining Say, Makenzie was an insurance underwriter specializing in policy risk analysis. Having nearly a decade of experience in the insurance industry, she brings a unique perspective to the Say marketing team. Makenzie loves to use her industry expertise and charismatic personality to bring everyone the scoop on Say!