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My Say Features That’ll Blow Your Mind

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By Madeline Klein on January 22, 2021 in Say's Spotlight

If you’re new to Say or thinking about joining our family, one of the first things you should know is we care about our customers and make insurance easy to manage through our website. After all, car insurance should be clear, not complicated.

We’ll walk you through some of our customers’ favorite features and how they can help make your car insurance experience painless!

Mobile-Friendly Website:

Our website was designed mobile-first. This forward-thinking method of design brings several pros to you, the user!

These positives include working great on your phone, no pinching or zooming necessary to navigate the site, and the most important and relevant information is always highlighted.

Note: The Say app is in our near future…even more mobile-friendly! Stay tuned!

Ability to Easily Update your Policy:

Have you recently purchased a new ride? Or moved to a new house or apartment? Maybe you need to change your coverage limits because you’ve added a new driver to your policy?

Within My Say’s policy page, policyholders are able to see how various elements will affect their car insurance rate. A few of the elements you can change are:

  • Update address
  • Add or change vehicles
  • Coverage limits
  • Driver coverages
  • Add drivers or edit driver details
  • Change marital status or license number
  • Add completed safety courses
  • Find discount opportunities
  • Switch your payment plan between monthly and six-month payments

Digital ID Card:

If you are pulled over, rummaging through your glovebox searching for your insurance card can be a hassle. Your internal dialogue undoubtedly goes something like this, “Where is my newest ID card? I remember putting it in here…or was that last year’s? Is it still on the counter? What are all these papers anyway?”

We use digital insurance cards for a couple of reasons. They are conveniently accessed on your phone (which is always in our back pocket). They automatically update so you have the newest version ASAP. Plus, they’re accepted in all Say states. In the My Say portal, you can view and print your ID cards at any time if you prefer a paper version!


Say customers can view their payment history and make a payment all online. Opting into our paperless model means no paper bills and a paperless discount! Not to mention, if you choose to pay-in-full for your six-month term, you could also receive our pay-in-full discount!

Less stress, mail, and worry… all while receiving discounts? You could win big by switching to Say!

All Online Claims Process:

Our claims process is quick, easy, and all online, because claims are stressful enough as is. You shouldn’t have to worry about long hold times, automated messages, or paperwork! Once you file, you can sit back and wait for an adjuster to contact you with logistics.

If you need any assistance, our dedicated reps are here to help.


Whether you’d like to receive more or less information from Say, you can do that via “My Preferences.” It’s true, we have to send certain billing and policy documents to you, regardless of your preferences, otherwise, feel free to customize!

You are also able to update your phone number and email if you prefer to use a different email account or number at any time!

So, what now?

If you’re a current customer and need assistance with any of these amazing My Say features, please reach out to our Say Service Representatives at 1-800-225-5729!

Madeline Klein is Say's Digital Content Producer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her experience is in writing and digital media. Madeline loves using her creativity to write and design new and exciting pieces of work for Say!