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Refresh Your Ride: Accessories to Give Your Car a Facelift

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By Madeline Klein on December 17, 2021 in Life Hacks

We decided to take a page out of Buzzfeed’s book because they’re definitely onto something. Upgrading your ride can be as simple as adding new floormats or spending a little extra time polishing and it can leave you with a car that looks brand new!

Here’s our list of accessories to give your car a facelift.

  • WeatherTech Floormats – So, we’re a little partial to WeatherTech because of personal experience, but any waterproof car mats will accomplish the same goal. Not only do you get +5 style points, you also protect your carpet!
  • Car Vacuum – This one seems a bit self-explanatory. Say goodbye to sand, dirt, and road trip snack crumbs. Your fancy car vacuum will clean up all the cracks and crevices between and under the seats.
  • Air Freshener – We didn’t link this one because a person’s air freshener preference is a delicate thing. Do you like sweet scents, natural scents, or something different? Whichever scent you prefer, go with a natural air freshener and avoid VOCs.
  • Waxing & Polishing Kit – If you’re not Karate Kid, you probably don’t wax on, wax off your car very often – it’s okay, we get it. However, waxing and polishing your car on a regular basis can help avoid paint chips and keep your ride looking spick and span.
  • New Car Sponges and Cleaning Tools – It’s time to finally throw away those decade-old sponges you’re still using to clean your ride. Invest in new sponges and cleaning tools and see the difference they make!
  • Leather Cleaner – Upholstery cars, skip ahead. This one is for our leather seat rides. Grab a bottle of this leather cleaner, follow the instructions, and be amazed by how much dirt and grime was stuck in your leather seats.
  • Amazon Echo Auto – Avid Alexa users, where you at? Take your smart speaker on the road with you. You can ask her to play music, give you directions, make calls, and more!
  • Window Cleaner and Window Wand – These next two are for our four-legged friend owners. If your windows are covered in dog slobber (or little fingerprints), grab some window cleaner and this handy dandy window wand and get to work.
  • Seat cover – Shoutout #2 for WeatherTech. This company lets you buy back seat covers specifically made for your make and model, so it fits as snug as a bug! Note: These aren’t just for pets, we’ve had them come in handy after muddy or sandy trips!
  • Sound System Upgrades – Are you a bass lover? Are your current speakers just not doing it for you? If you answered yes to either or both, there are countless ways to upgrade your sound system – from new speakers to adding subwoofers. Be careful though, your car might be the chosen one for the next road trip.
  • Phone Mount – Okay, you know we had to sneak phone mount in. Partially we think it can make you feel like an official Uber, but also because they’re SO handy. Queuing up your directions and setting up your phone helps you avoid the phone fumble.
  • Trunk Organizer – For the New Year's Resolution folks, make your 2022 goal to keep your ride clean and organized. The extra room is helpful for picking up groceries and unexpected road trips.

Pro Tip: Many of these things would make great holiday gifts for the road trippers or avid drivers in your family!

To wrap up, spend a little extra money on pampering your car this year because the more you treat it – the better it’ll look for longer!

Madeline Klein is Say's Digital Content Producer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism, emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her experience is in writing and digital media. Madeline loves using her creativity to write and design new and exciting pieces of work for Say!