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Say Insurance® Response to the Coronavirus


By Xavien Crump on March 16, 2020 in Say's Spotlight

Dear Say Insurance® Family,

Say Insurance® employees’ health and safety is our top priority during this time. We fully intend to take any necessary steps to keep our communities safe as well. Say is implementing new procedures in response to the growing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As of March 13, 2020, Say has encouraged employees who have the ability to work from home to do so. The service that our customers have come to expect from the Say Service Squad will not be impacted by this change. At this time, there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases among Say employees.

In addition, we have taken the following steps, among others, to protect our employees and customers:

  • Non-essential business travel is suspended, and employees are encouraged to use precaution for any personal travel.
  • In-person meetings of five or more individuals are suspended; employees should use virtual meetings instead.
  • Visits to our office from outside vendors are suspended.
  • We will continue the enhanced cleaning and disinfectant applications of our work stations.

Say will work to prove any accommodations to employees in order to make sure they are safe.

Throughout this situation, Say remains committed to serving our customers' needs and keeping everything running as usual. We truly appreciate the support of our customers, employees, and the community in which we live and work.


Your Say Service Squad

Xavien Crump is the Supervisor for the Say Service Squad. He's responsible for daily customer service operations including employee productivity and development, as well as the Squad's contribution to and achievement of company-wide goals. Xavien worked his way to the Say Insurance sector after holding the roles of Team Leader and Customer Service Representative for Shelter Insurance.