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By Madeline Klein on March 12, 2021 in Travel

When we say “Spring Break” what memory comes to mind first? An adventurous family vacation that left a lasting impression? A rowdy trip to the beach with your best college pals? A long-overdue trip with your significant other you’d been dreaming about for years?

Our team shared some of their favorite stories from Spring Breaks past, check ‘em out!


Paige W.

My senior year at the University of Missouri, I went on a Mizzou Alternative Break trip. These trips give students the opportunity to spend the full week of Spring Break volunteering for organizations around the United States. My group went to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee! We helped with various tasks from cleaning the sanctuary’s hay barn, repairing fences, and tending to their gardens. As an animal lover, I had a blast learning about elephants and their care! Plus, a full day exploring Nashville only added to the fun!

Erin T.

Spring Break for most Midwestern kids means hours and hours of driving to a beach house. One year, my friends and I decided to break the norm and head to the Great Smoky Mountains. After spending 10.5 hours the car, we arrived at the most luxurious cabin on the side of a cliff! We spent the next few days hiking, white water rafting, and golfing. The most incredible part of the trip, however, was experiencing the wildlife in its natural habitat. Each night we were visited by at least one Black Bear and were even lucky enough one evening to see a mama with her two young cubs!


Alex N.

For Spring Break, my family and I typically make our way to Colorado for a week of skiing and snowboarding. Our most recent trip was the first time my girlfriend had ever gone skiing!

She was definitely skeptical at first, but after many falls and an almost broken knee, she got the hang of it! Now she can’t wait to go back. Maybe this year will be the year!

Gabi G.

I haven’t gone on a spring break trip since I graduated, but the last one I went on was definitely my favorite. My boyfriend and I decided to take the trip to Keystone, Colorado, that I’ve been dreaming about since we first met. It didn’t disappoint! The B&B we stayed in had huge windows and the best view, so we felt like we were in a snow globe with beauty and nature all around us. The best part of the trip was escaping the outside world for a few days. Though a beach is always a great spot for a Spring Break trip, I wouldn’t trade our little adventure for anything!

Madeline K.

During my senior year Spring Break, two friends and I journeyed to Boulder, Colorado. Our week was FILLED with guided hikes, shopping, trying every single restaurant in sight, visiting Denver, and just exploring. It was a blast to escape our studies and end our last semester of college with a bang!


Teal S.

Living in Missouri means escaping the frigid winter as soon as possible. Recently, a couple of friends and I took a trip to Austin, Texas to warm up and play some golf. We spent almost every single hour on the golf course – sunup to sundown! I’d like to give a quick shoutout to Torchy’s Tacos for fueling our low scores. All of us decided we would definitely go back post-pandemic for a little more adventure!


Makenzie C.

In 8th grade, I went on a Spring Break trip to Jamaica with my family. Although it was already a special trip – our first time outside of the U.S. – what made it even more so was that it was also my birthday week. What’s better than getting to celebrate your birthday on a tropical island? Perks of having a birthday that usually falls within the week of Spring Break! To this day I still joke about it being a birthday trip just for me that my younger brother was lucky enough to tagalong for.

Hopefully our stories give you some inspiration for your next vacation!

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