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Shelter Insurance® Foundation Donates to Help with COVID-19 Crisis

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By Teresa Magruder on May 14, 2020 in Say's Spotlight

Now, more than ever, it’s a great time to show who and what you stand for as a company. Here at Say, being backed by Shelter Insurance®, we believe in being an active part of our communities. This means we give back with our time and money to ensure we’re doing our part to help where we can.

The Shelter Insurance® Foundation has allocated $1.5 million dollars to help with crisis relief. The Foundation pledged funds to area charities working to respond to local COVID-19 needs. This offer is extended to each of Shelter’s 15 operating states and to the 20 regional offices.

This is great news for our Say states. The anticipated donation amount per state can be found below:

  • Illinois: $64,000
  • Missouri: $387,000
  • Tennessee: $128,000
  • Colorado: $67,000
  • Kansas: $106,000

The total of these amounts is a whopping $752,000 donated to charities and non-profits in the communities where our Say customers live and work.

We are in this together and we are here to stay. As Shelter always says but with a little twist, Shelter and Say strong!

Teresa Magruder is an Executive Vice President for the Shelter Mutual Insurance Companies. She is responsible for human resources, financial activities through our Accounting Department, Shelter Life Insurance Company and subsidiary Haulers Insurance. As Secretary & Treasurer of the Board of the Shelter Insurance Foundation, Teresa oversees the Foundation operations. Teresa graduated with an Accounting degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia, worked in Shelter’s Internal Audit and Underwriting Departments and built unique initiatives before leading the Life Company and joining the executive team.