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What You Should Know About Glass Repairs at Say

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By Deanna McCarty on April 10, 2020 in Claims

“Whoa! What was that? Did something hit the windshield?” This is the beginning of most glass repairs because those rocks seemingly come out of nowhere and can do some serious damage.

What do glass repairs look like with Say and Lynx?

At Say, glass repairs are handled through our partner, Lynx. We trust them with our valued customers because we know they’ll take great care of you and return your car looking great! They are part of an Auto Replacement Glass (ARG) Alliance made of “providers who have distinguished themselves based on their best-in-class performance outcomes”. Ultimately, this means Lynx has some pretty high standards when it comes to the quality of work, time in shop, and cost of repairs so they are bound to suggest the best in the biz!

What’s A Customer To Do?

1. Call our Say Service Squad at 1-800-225-5729

When a Say Squad member answers your call, let them know you are in need of a glass repair and would like to make a claim.

2. Connect with a Lynx Representative

Once our team hears that you are looking to file a glass claim, they will let you know that Lynx handles all of our glass claims and connect you.

3. Update Lynx

Lynx will ask you for all the information so be prepared to answer when, where, and what happened. They should get your policy information to enter and confirm with our system to verify coverage.

4. Pick a repair shop

If you have a preference on your repair shop, this is the time to tell Lynx! However, if you don’t, no stress. The representatives will be able to recommend about 3 repair shops in the area including the specific locations of each.

5. Set up an appointment

Keep your phone handy! Once the Lynx representative reaches out to the repair shop with all the necessary details for your repair, the shop should give you a call to set up the appointment.

6. Drop off car and pick it up looking brand new

Now it’s time to leave your car to the experts. Drop your vehicle off and wait for the call to come pick it up!

7. Finish up

If you need a reimbursement for your repair, reach out to Lynx or Say to help with that process.

Important Notes to Remember

For a glass chip, you should not pay a deductible!

For a full windshield replacement, things can get a bit trickier. Depending on the make, model, and specific edition of your vehicle, there might be sensors that need to be recalibrated such as cruise control or lane change sensors. The recalibration can’t be done at every repair shop, but dealerships are often an option for these high-tech needs. Just to warn you, dealerships may ask for a repair to be paid before you can take your vehicle and that cost can be between $250 and $600. The good news is if you have Comprehensive Coverage, Say may reimburse you!


Overall, we want you to know that our priority is you! Lynx and your Say Service Squad are here to help bring that window back to its former glory so that you can see through it to your next big trip!

Deanna McCarty is the Director of Personal Lines Underwriting. She has overall responsibility for planning, directing and coordinating Personal Lines Underwriting operations. Deanna has been an Underwriting Director for 4 years, prior to that she was Manager of the St. Louis Claims Branch. She has been an employee of the company for over 20 years and has worked as Director for Say Personal Lines operations since its inception. Her experience in health claims, P&C claims, and underwriting has helped her gain knowledge of various aspects of the insurance world.