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Why Do We Use Digital Insurance Cards?

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By Erin Thompson on May 29, 2020 in Say's Spotlight

Something important to note about us is we are a digital-first company, from our quick quote to our claims process. We prioritize our customers’ experiences and believe that our all-online model makes the car insurance world a little less overwhelming. Not to mention, living online means saving a few trees along the way.

What is a digital insurance card?

A digital insurance card is an electronic version of your insurance policy. You can find all the important information on it – name, policy number, vehicle type, valid time frame, etc. This works the exact same as the paper version, so you can use it if you get in an accident or need to show the DMV. Digital insurance cards also help keep costs down so we can keep your rates low! Everyone is #winning!

Why do we use them?

These digital ID cards have quite a few perks (lucky for you)!

  • Say goodbye to worries. The days of scrambling to find the most up-to-date version in your glove compartment turned junk drawer are long gone!
  • Convenience is key. Although we hate to admit it, you probably wouldn’t go ANYWHERE without your cellphone – it’s your map, your music, and your communication with the world. So, even if you don’t have a printout of your ID card, you’ll more than likely have your phone with you.
  • Always need proof of insurance. If you’re hitting the road, you need proof of insurance. In most states you’re required to have insurance while driving, so if a police officer pulls you over, be prepared to show your ID card or face paying a fine.
  • Accepted in most states. According to The Zebra, electronic ID cards are accepted everywhere except New Mexico and Massachusetts, but in Massachusetts “car insurance information will be printed on your vehicle’s registration.” So if you’re taking a trip through one of these states, print a copy just in case!

How do our customers use the digital insurance card?

Our customers can always access their digital insurance card in their My Say account. So, if it’s finally your turn at the DMV counter or you accidentally tapped a bumper in your neighborhood – you’ll have your ID card! If you’d feel more comfortable with a downloaded or printed version, we make it easy to do that as well.

At Say, we want to make insurance transparent, clear, and simple. Our digital ID cards are a simpler way to keep track of your proof of insurance, so you can worry less about insurance and more about your next road trip!

Erin Thompson is the Marketing Manager for Say Insurance. She's responsible for guiding the strategic direction of all Say marketing campaigns. Prior to joining Say, Erin worked for a media agency based in Columbia, MO. She spent several years developing successful advertising campaigns for a diverse set of clients across the United States. Erin began her career in television advertising after earning her Master’s from the University of Missouri Journalism School with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her love of communication and helping people directed her to the insurance world.