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Why We Use One-Time Passwords at Say

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By Erin Thompson on May 20, 2020 in Say's Spotlight

Here at Say Insurance, we utilize the illustrious and effective one-time password for our customers’ My Say accounts. Let’s take a moment to digest what this is and why we use it!

What is a one-time password?

A one-time password is when you get and use a new password every time you want to sign into your account. When you sign in, you’ll provide your email and be emailed a unique link to access your account. This means a few things (all exciting, of course)! One, you don’t have to worry about those irritating “forgot password” questions. Suddenly you can’t remember what answer you put for your favorite movie or first pet…was it the hermit crab you found on the beach or did that not really count? Two, you don’t have to set reminders to change your password at regular intervals to ensure safety. Three, you can say goodbye to meeting unrealistic password requirements and then not having a clue what you used.

How is it different from traditional passwords?

Traditional passwords are what you use for many other sites. When creating your account, you’ll be given certain requirements to fulfill – one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character. Don’t forget though, you can’t use any personally identifying words like your name or address. Password creation isn’t the only hurdle, then you must update your password regularly to stay secure.

Last Pass’s Psychology of Passwords has some interesting statistics about passwords.

  • 52% of respondents haven’t changed their password in the last 12 months, even after hearing about a breach in the news.
  • 42% say that having a password that’s easy to remember is more important than one that is very secure.
  • 91% say they know using the same or a variation of the same password is a risk, but 66% of respondents always or mostly use the same password variation.
  • 48% said if it’s not required, they never change their password.

So, traditional passwords require maintenance and protection on the users’ side. Last Pass also reported that 60% of respondents were afraid of forgetting their passwords. Our one-time password alleviates that worry!

Why did we choose to utilize the one-time-password?

We chose to utilize one-time passwords for My Say because we’re here to make our customers’ lives a little easier and safer. It’s not enough to make our insurance options clear and transparent, we want you to be able to sign in with ease to view all the information you need. Last Pass told us that 25% of respondents “reset their passwords once a month or more because they forgot them” and alarmingly 22% of said they could guess their significant other’s password.

All this to say, there’s a gap in how traditional passwords were created to be used and how they are currently being used. One-time passwords help keep our customers more secure, so we’ve used this sign-in method from the beginning!

What do our customers have to say about it?

Most of our customers love this log-in method because it requires one less password to remember – who doesn’t want that? The only opposition to the one-time password is the tried and true password managers (and we hear you)! While utilizing a password manager is a secure way to maintain password security, we want to do what will help the majority of our customers. Plus, it only takes a jiffy to log in to your account!

We’re here to keep your information safe and the one-time password is a great way to do that! Not to mention, one less password to remember sure doesn’t hurt.

Erin Thompson is the Marketing Manager for Say Insurance. She's responsible for guiding the strategic direction of all Say marketing campaigns. Prior to joining Say, Erin worked for a media agency based in Columbia, MO. She spent several years developing successful advertising campaigns for a diverse set of clients across the United States. Erin began her career in television advertising after earning her Master’s from the University of Missouri Journalism School with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her love of communication and helping people directed her to the insurance world.