our story.

It's our story. Say it loud.

Transparency. Clarity. Simplicity. Those ideas seem easy enough. Yet when you look at the landscape of insurance, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of explanation and understanding.

We’re Say Insurance and we believe people deserve to know what they’re paying and why, so they can get the coverage that’s just right for them. We’re changing up the way people look at insurance. It’s not just about having the lowest price. It’s about providing real value and giving our customers a reason to stop jumping from one insurance company to another. There’s a lot of data out there, but data isn’t knowledge. Knowledge is information that’s useful and powerful. It’s smarts.

We know that’s what our customers want. So, we’re giving them their insurance score. We’re letting them know what they can do to reduce their rates, minimize their risk and have more control of their policy. We’re providing the online experience they want with the customer service they deserve and appreciate. That’s our driving force.

We’re pulling back the curtain, because frankly, our customers deserve to know the truth. We may not always give them the cheapest price, but being the cheapest in no way, shape or form means being the best. We’re empowering them with the tools to get the coverage that’s right for them. We’re providing them transparency. We’re giving them a voice.

It’s knowledge. It’s honesty. It’s clarity.

It’s our policy, and soon, it will be yours.


Mission Statement

The Mission: To provide an insurance experience that is transparent, clear, respectful and useful.

The Why: Because we figure our drivers would prefer to spend their time enjoying the road rather than deciphering complicated mumbo-jumbo insurance speak and uncovering technicalities hidden between the lines of a policy. But that's just us…


Say Insurance Affiliation & Financial Stability

We get it. We're the rookie in the auto insurance world, and everybody wants to know if the new kid can hang. Well, we're going to venture to say we can, and we've got Shelter Insurance's 70 years' worth of experience backing us up.

The back story on Shelter

(No worries history haters, it's the abridged version. Our apologies to the history aficionados.)

In 1946, Shelter introduced itself to Missouri farmers as an affordable insurance solution. Fast-forward 70 years to 2016, Shelter now offers auto, life, home and a variety of other insurance products to 17 states across the nation.

Seen as one of the top dogs in insurance companies, Shelter consistently receives A ratings from A.M. Best Company for its financial strength and operating performance. Not only that, but also nine out of ten people who've had a claim with Shelter would recommend the company to those seeking insurance. Not too shabby.

With Shelter's full support, Say is taking notes from Shelter's experience and reliability and using it to deliver a digital auto insurance product that is transparent, simple and convenient.


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